Opinion Versus Defamation

If you say that you think somebody is a thief,it is your opinion but if you say you saw somebody steal,you are alleging a fact. If what you thought is proven wrong,it is not a crime because you have freedom of thought. But if what you alleged as a fact is proven false,then this constitutes the crime known as defamation. Have a good day!!!
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3 thoughts on “Opinion Versus Defamation”

  1. Bereket says:

    What a Great Blog!!! keep it up your good work ………

  2. Helen says:

    It is really very informative. I haven't seen a blog on Ethiopian law and justice system which is not only informative but also clear and precise in its presentation. Thank you Eyassu.

  3. Helen says:

    I mean I have never seen a blog on Ethiopian Law and Justice System which is as informative and precise as Ethio Law Info.

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